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What is a French drain?

The laying of a French drain has been mandatory in Quebec for more than 40 years and it is more than necessary for the proper drainage of your foundation.

The French drain is actually a conduit that aims to drain water present around the foundation. It is installed around a residence at the base of the foundation.

The main uses of a French drain: It evacuates any accumulation of water around the foundation; It helps to prevent the infiltration of water inside the walls of the foundations.

In Need of a french drain cleaning?

A band of efflorescence visible at the base of the foundation wall inside the basement is caused by the presence of prominent water. The efflorescence band may also indicate a non-functional drain. Several tests will be done to find the cause of the problem. Several workarounds are available in the case where it is not possible to carry out the work from the outside (balcony, semi-detached property), the drain can be installed inside, which will remove the water pressure in the ground just as an outdoor drain would. If it is impossible to prevent water infiltration, a pump must be installed at the lowest point of the basement floor, which will carry the water to the sewer or ditch or evacuate it to the building. It is not advisable to dig an inner channel into the concrete slab at the perimeter of the exterior wall to direct water to the sump or floor drain. Stagnant water will soak the concrete and the humidity will create mold problems.

Installation d’un drain français par l’équipe de Goudron Pagé les pros de du drain français depuis 1987