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Foundation crack repair service

Avoid water infiltration problems or other house foundation problems! Quickly get a quote for foundation crack repairs in the Laurentians and Lanaudière.

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Your foundation is cracked or leaky?

Many homeowners or business owners have or will face a problem with foundation cracks and basement water leaks at least once in their lifetime. In Quebec, concrete cracks are very common and can attack any foundation and / or concrete structure, both residential and commercial.

There are different types of cracks and all have their causes and their distinctive consequences (clay soil and / or poorly drained, concrete quality, climate variation, etc.)

Unfortunately, many crack repair techniques only cover them with hydraulic cement or sealant. Over time, the water-soluble ingredients dissolve with moisture and an expansion followed by a contraction occurs. In general, these fast, low-cost solutions do not stand up.

At Goudron Pagé, our technique of polyurethane injection or epoxy resin injection ensures a uniform and successful penetration to cover even the smallest crack. Let a tar specialist offer you a solution adapted to your problem.

Exterior foundation crack repair

Repairing a crack from the outside will require the installation of a waterproof membrane applied to the foundation wall. This membrane will protect the crack about 2 feet wide and from the base of the foundation to ground level. Our specialized equipment allow us to dig by creating a minimum of damage to your land.

  1. Prevents water or land from touching the foundation
  2. Prevents mold from forming on the wall of the foundation
  3. Drains the water towards the foot of the foundation
  4. Optimal solution for wetlands
  5. Repair of interior cracks

Interior foundation crack repair

We use two main types of repair: polyurethane injection and epoxy injection. Our accredited specialists will be able to detect the cause of cracking and suggest actions to take to remedy it.

Epoxy injection. When the epoxy is injected into the cracks, it will increase the structural strength and create a bond with the concrete that increases the strength of the concrete itself.

If you notice flow problems, it may be connected to the French drain; we repair and replace the drains around your foundation and also do the periodic pressure cleaning which assures you a maximum quality of drainage by eliminating the residues of earth, mud or ferrous ocher in the drain.