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Foundation waterproofing service in Saint-Jérôme and the Laurentians

The application of a waterproof membrane offers a reliable and durable solution.

For waterproofing work, Goudron Pagé uses a waterproof membrane of very high quality. This flexible membrane offers a permanent solution to porosity problems in concrete.

Whether you are trying to waterproof or protect your foundation, the membrane offers a reliable and durable solution.

The seamless membrane applies to most materials. Its grip is almost instantaneous once installed and its resistance to abrasion, impact and elongation is more than reliable in terms of water repellent membrane.

Characteristics of the membrane:

  1. Touch dry in minutes
  2. Withstands over 2000% elongation
  3. Can be applied at a minimum temperature of 5°C
  4. High resistance to abrasion, impact and chemicals


Almost all foundations are made of poured concrete. The porous nature of the concrete and its characteristics mean that cracks will form there over the years. The bituminous protections that are applied during the construction of the foundation and which serve to waterproof, eventually harden and consequently, allow the cracks to expose themselves to the risks of water infiltration.